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Dental implants in Edinburgh

Your secure solution to missing teeth

A stable solution to dentures

Missing teeth can add a level of uncertainty to your life.

Even with the best-fitting dentures, some patients report that they feel worried that their teeth may move while speaking or slip when they eat. The constant feeling of insecurity around what might happen – even if their dentures have never let them down – causes people to seek a more stable solution. 

This is where dental implants are a fantastic treatment for existing denture wearers, or those who are considering solutions to missing teeth. 

At Scottish Denture Clinic, we offer two treatment options, implant-retained dentures and full-arch dental implants. While they are quite similar, there are vital differences between the two treatments.

tooth implants treatment

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth and are made up of two parts – one to replace the root and the other to replace the tooth, or teeth.

The dental implant is a medical-grade titanium screw that is surgically placed into your jawbone and acts as the new tooth root. It integrates with the bone, creating a secure base for the new tooth or teeth to be placed on top. 

The dental implant procedure will be carried out by one of the highly-skilled dental implant surgeons at Scottish Denture Clinic. This fantastic dental practice is part of our site so you will not need to travel anywhere unfamiliar, meaning you can enjoy your treatment in surroundings that you are comfortable with.

All-On-4 Treatment

Implant-retained dentures

An implant-retained denture is where your new denture is held firmly in place by dental implants.

One of the dental implant surgeons at in Edinburgh will place the dental implants and the denture itself will be created by the clinical dental technicians at Scottish Denture Clinic. 

If you opt for implant-retained dentures, your denture will still be removable and you will take it out at night. However, it will click securely onto your implants, providing you with an enhanced level of confidence every day. 

The denture can be immediately placed onto your new implants – you will never have to be without teeth. 

Book your consultation today to discover whether implant-retained dentures could be the right solution for you.

Implant-retained dentures

Full-arch dental implants

To provide full-arch dental implants, the team at Scottish Denture Clinic will precisely plan and place your dental implants.

They will usually place four implants per arch, while one of the clinical dental technicians at Scottish Denture Clinic will craft your full-arch restoration. 

If you opt for full-arch dental implants, your new teeth will be permanent, and you will not be able to remove them. Instead, you will be able to treat them like natural teeth and they will function as such, giving you an enhanced level of confidence. 

Your full-arch restoration can be immediately placed on to your dental implants, meaning that you will leave your appointment with a fully functioning and beautiful smile – this is why the treatment is often called Teeth in a Day, Same Day Teeth or the Same Day Smile. 

Book your consultation today to discover whether full-arch dental implants could be the right solution for you.

Full-arch dental implants